30 years ago, Point of Sale meant an oversized calculator which held precious real estate on your business’s countertop. Today, this broad term encompasses so much more and we often find our clients lost when searching for the best solution for their business. With so many options in the market today, you might wonder how you are ever going to make the right decision for your business. That’s where we come in!

Feature Packed POS Solutions

Whether you’re tracking inventory, invoicing, managing staff, analyzing sales data, or implementing customer loyalty programs, our customizable POS platforms can do it all.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Keep your business and your customer data safe from fraud with advanced security features, full PCI compliance and contactless processing with full encryption.

POS Peripherals

Transform an ordinary tablet into a sleek all-in-one payment solution. Make it work for your business with add-on applications, cash drawers, scanners, printers and more.

What We’re Offering

Payments Made Easy With Customizable Platforms

Enjoy a painless checkout for you and your customers with advanced, all-in-one POS hardware and software solutions. Integrate your POS system with simple, smart and high-performance terminals that adapt to the needs of your business. Give shoppers the flexibility to pay their way by accepting payment methods they know and trust.

Boost efficiency and profits with a POS solution perfectly suited to your business and to your customer journey. Integrate your POS system with popular e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Quickly and easily implement multi-location and multi-register setups. Modify features in one central place with an intuitive control center dashboard.

  • Cards, cash, checks, and gift cards. And there’s no need for additional equipment.

  • Manage employee time, process payroll, and easily onboard new employees – in store, or at home!

  • View customer insights in just one click so you can tailor your sales strategy to customer behavior.

  • Get unmatched customer support from our team of knowledgeable POS experts.

Providing Our Merchants The Competitive Edge

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