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Hiring great talent is one of the areas hair salons focus most on—however, payment processing is an overlooked but highly important aspect of your business. One of the best ways to enhance your bottom line is to improve the credit card processing system within your salon. Customers need payment flexibility and accepting credit cards has been proven to strengthen business revenue stream versus accepting cash only.

UMPA offers a multitude of top-of-the-line credit card machines and POS systems that can service your hair salon. From traditional countertop terminals to an all-in-one POS systems solution with built-in tip and tax options UMPA can meet your business demands. While some customers will always remain cash only, more and more patrons are choosing to pay by credit. Allowing customers to select their tip percentage makes it easy for both parties and ensure your stylists will get the tips they deserve! For hair salons, mobility with your payment processing equipment can make it easier than ever for customers to pay. Customers can check out using tablets or mobile POS processors before they have even left the stylist’s chair. Reducing lines at the receptionist station and improving the overall experience for both employees and patrons.

At UMPA, we offer transaction solutions that are timely and safe. For most clients, paying in cash is a thing of the past. Credit cards and mobile payments are the future. Don’t risk losing customers for not having the transaction options that they are looking for. Besides, our advanced technology also allows for a way to keep track of every purchase. This makes it a hassle-free experience for your business and your clients. Moreover, the quicker the transaction, the more time you have for your hair salon’s most valuable asset: your loyal customers.

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