Fuelpay is the premier merchant card processing program developed specifically for your industry.

Our 12 years in the credit card industry has shown that over 87% of “Utility Companies” are set up to process credit cards on a standard “Retail” application. FuelPay processes your credit card transactions based on your industry for an average savings of 47%!

Take a typical Mastercard sale of $400:

Competitors rates:
2.6% to 3.5% + $0.25
$10.65 to $14.25 or higher


FuelPay rates:
.11% + $1.50
Total Cost = $1.94

Do The Math!
In these tough economic times, that is a lot of money to put back into your business.

The FuelPay Program Works Great For These Industries!

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal companies are focused on providing services in the domestic, non-hazardous solid waste industry. They provide non-hazardous solid waste collection services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and millions of residential customers. Other services include collection, recycling, composting, transfer, and disposal.

Home Heating / Oil Delivery

Heating oil is a petroleum product used by many Americans, especially in the Northeast, to heat their homes. At refineries, crude oil is separated into different fuels including gasoline, jet fuel/kerosene, lubricating oil, heating oil, and diesel. Heating oil and diesel fuel are closely related products called distillates.

Propane Delivery / Sales

Propane is one of the nation’s most versatile sources of energy and fuel. Approximately 90 percent of the United States’ propane supply is produced domestically, while 70 percent of the remaining supply is imported from Canada and Mexico. Approximately equal amounts of propane come from the refining of crude oil and from natural gas processing.

Septic Services

The septic service industry is expected to continue to grow as more and more residential and commercial buildings and properties need the services and maintenence provided. Septic services include septic pumping and more among residental, commercial, and industrial clients.

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