If you were asked to look in the mirror, do you see a bright, energetic, commissioned sales individual who is ready to control their own destiny?

If you possess those qualities and don’t call, we both loose!  Whether you are a veteran sales person or new to the commissioned sales arena but have the willingness to learn, our dedicated sales leaders are ready to provide full training, including product and sales knowledge!

They will continually support you on your way to success!

United Merchant Processing Association (UMPA) is a family owned and operated business that provides merchant services (credit card processing, POS systems and more) to other businesses from small one man operations to large corporations.

UMPA’s selling model provides you with the power to achieve your highest career goals. And we won’t let you do it alone. We will constantly be there to provide the training and support necessary for you to succeed.

  • Commissions PAID DAILY, not monthly!!
  • Multiple revenue streams AND monthly residuals!
  • Preset lead appointments Monday through Thursday e-mailed to you daily from our in-house call center!
  • Defined sales territories!
  • Eager corporate staff waiting to assist you, via a toll free number!
  • Credit – Debit – EBT – Check Guarantee and Conversion – Gift Cards – Smart Card Ready all in ONE terminal – This is unheard of in the industry!
  • Offer the most services and benefits in the industry!
  • Your own personalized voice box at UMPA. Your extension will appear on your UMPA business cards!

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