How Much Can You Make From An ATM Machine?
Well, we can likely give you some more helpful feedback after we talk to you about your business, but consider this:

UMPA is a nationally-recognized and trusted partner of high-quality, turnkey ATM equipment and services. We help our partners gain visibility, ensure positive brand experiences, and deliver convenience to their customers.

Having an ATM is an excellent way to increase customer traffic. Businesses with ATMs have improved customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and studies show that 25% of withdrawals are spent at the ATM location! Our ATM program provides merchants with the perfect ATM to suit their needs.

  • Automated Revenue Source – You decide on the surcharge fee for each transaction, resulting in income every time someone withdraws money from the machine.
  • Enhanced Location Image – Business owners and clients agree that locations providing ATM services are considered more desirable and convenient than those without.
  • Increased Customer Traffic – It is statistically proven that locations providing an ATM for public use increase the businesses foot traffic by an average of 5%.
  • Promote Impulse Buying – Studies show ATM card carriers and users spend 20% to 25% more in a given location than traditional credit card users – cash vs. plastic.
  • Additional Customer Convenience – Two-thirds of the nation’s population carries ATM cards. If a location is not providing ATM services, customers may look elsewhere.

Providing Our Merchants The Competitive Edge

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