Merchant Testimonial

"I’ve worked with six different processing companies since 1999. UMPA has, by far, the best support I’ve ever seen. I get e-mails quickly, and everytime I call, I get a live person on the line who is both knowledgeable and friendly. From helping with chargebacks to dropping off supplies, UMPA's customer service is truly A+! You're the company I'm sticking with. Thanks, guys." -Pete Collura, Mr. Sorrento's Pizza
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UMPA is a national association rewarding merchants of all types, from small one man operations to multiple businesses and franchises across the U.S. no matter what type of business you have!
UMPA is proud of our 94% retention rate which is unheard of in our industry.
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Fuel Pay Service

Our FuelPay branch has been specializing in utilities for 12 years, and in that time the credit card industry has shown that over 87% of "Utility Companies" are set up to process credit cards on a standard "Retail" application.
FuelPay processes your credit card transactions based on your industry for an average savings of 47%!
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